Saturday, January 15, 2011

All Rivers at Once contemplated

As if that were it. As if I could read it several times and then I would be done with it.
I want to share with all my readers - what it is nobody? Well then, nobody - sit down! I want to share with you that this process is all I wanted and more. I'm loving it. Rumi has entered my dreaming world. His words shine on my interactions in the world. I am quoting him in my therapy practice and to my beloved.

This poem - All Rivers at Once

Don't unstring the bow - Yes! Don't even think of stopping the hunt. You who are weary of chasing after what? Longing, the other, true love. To find love you must use this special four-feathered arrow. You haven't used it yet? Why not?! All that I am is decisive, clear, strong. Or comforting like a hat you pull down over your ears, a bit of a constriction like draw-strings around your chest. How do you find what you are longing for? With love which is gratitude. Because dear heart - I am already here - in you - hidden in your chest with laughter, with compassion. Love is both the searched for and what is created with the searched for - love is the hands and feet and the sprouting-bed.  All at once - the riverwater moving in all rivers at once. The truth that lives in the beloved - in the other that is not other. At once.


  1. Beautiful thoughts to make this day even fuller than I'd expected.

  2. Thanks Lee - I have to string my bow and keep to my resolution!